Software Sustainability — Lessons Learned from Different Disciplines

Series: HPC Best Practices Webinars

How do you make software sustainable? How much is it about process and how much about practice? Does it vary between countries or disciplines? In this webinar, I’ll present what the UK’s Software Sustainability Institute has learned from 8 years of work in this area including efforts around understanding the scale of software use in research, raising the profile of software as a key part of the research ecosystem, and how we can enable researchers and developers to build better software.


Presenter Bio

Neil Chue Hong is the founding Director and Principal Investigator of the Software Sustainability Institute, and is based at the University of Edinburgh. He enables research software users and developers to drive the continued improvement and impact of research software. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Open Research Software, the past Advisory Council chair of the Software Carpentry Foundation, co-editor of ‘Software Engineering for Science’, co-author of ‘Best Practices for Scientific Computing’ and ‘An Open Science Peer Review Oath’, and chair of the EPSRC Strategic Advisory Team on e-Infrastructure. His current research interests include barriers and incentives in research software ecosystems and the role of software as a research object.