We are mitigating technical risks by building a firmer foundation for reproducible, sustainable science.

Accelerating scientific discovery

Scientific software provides a foundation for almost all areas of scientific discovery. Explicitly focusing on improved development and use of software is helping to reduce technical risks and accelerate scientific discovery.

Fostering cross-team collaboration

Next-generation scientific challenges increasingly demand cross-team collaboration. IDEAS work to improve community software practices and strategies for teaming is helping to improve collaboration across all scales — from individuals to teams and also multidisciplinary, multi-institutional teams of teams.

Promoting culture change

These synergistic activities are growing a community of practice to make software productivity and sustainability first-class concepts in advanced scientific computing. We are working toward a scientific software community culture that invests in and benefits from an explicit focus on developer productivity and software sustainability, adapting and adopting best practices from the broader software community and establishing our own contributions to these pursuits.