A hub for scientific software development resources.

Developing scientific software should be a shared experience

Developers of scientific software face many challenges in their work. While it tends to be easy to find resources about software engineering, it is hard to know which are likely to be applicable to the scientific software world.

The IDEAS-ECP project launched the hub in 2017 as a community-driven site to make resources pertaining to the development of scientific software easier to find. is an informal venue with the goal of making it easy for readers to find and contributors to share useful information and experiences with scientific software development and to publicize events of interest to the community. An editorial board works with contributors to ensure that our content is and appropriately focused on the engineering of scientific software and of good quality.

What you’ll find on also hosts community landing pages which can orient your community to the resources available on the site.


The site is driven by the community! We’re open to contributions of the resources you find most useful for scientific software development, events that you’re organizing or have heard about, and original articles about your experiences for our blog series. A member of the editorial team will shepherd your contribution through to publication on the site. Most contributions will take less then thirty minutes of your time.