Accelerating watershed science through a community-driven software ecosystem


The water resources that are critically important for energy production, human use, agriculture, and ecosystem health are under increasing pressure from growing demand, land-use change, and Earth system change. Those stresses on our water supply are largely transmitted through the Nation’s watersheds.

IDEAS-Watersheds, funded by DOE’s Environmental System Science (ESS) program, is addressing important scientific challenges and advancing a growing community-driven software ecosystem for watershed science, thus advancing ESS toward its overarching goal of predictive understanding of how watershed hydrobiogeochemical processes function.


IDEAS-Watersheds is designed to

Research activities

IDEAS-Watershed is organized around six research activities to address important scientific challenges and advance software development methodologies and engagement in the growing community-driven software ecosystem.

The three partnership activities, each undertaken jointly with one of Environmental System Science’s interdisciplinary Science Focus Areas (SFAs) (LBNL, ORNL, PNNL), addresses biogeochemical cycling in streams across a wide range of stream orders in disparate climates and land-use conditions, from