The OpenSSF Best Practices Badge Program

Series: HPC Best Practices Webinars

The Linux Foundation’s OpenSSF Best Practices Badge Program represents an impressive collection of the open source community’s knowledge base for creating, maintaining, and sustaining robust, high quality, and (most importantly) secure open source software. At its foundation is a featureful “Badge App” website, which provides a database of projects that document what best practices they have adopted and supporting evidence. This set of best practices (along with the detailed documentation and supporting justifications for each item) also serves as an incremental learning tool and as a foundation for incremental software process and quality improvements efforts. The webinar will provide an overview of this effort and describe some of its surprising benefits. The webinar will also describe how the OpenSSF Best Practices Badge Program can be used to help continue the recent advances in software quality and sustainability efforts in the computational science and engineering community going forward.


Presenter Bio

Roscoe A. Bartlett earned his PhD in chemical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University researching numerical approaches for solving large-scale constrained optimization problems applied to chemical process engineering. At Sandia National Laboratories and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, he continued research and development in constrained optimization, sensitivity methods, and large-scale numerical software design and integration for computational science & engineering (CSE). Dr. Bartlett currently focuses on software engineering challenges in CSE as well as the development of build, test, and integration software and processes for CSE.