Normalizing Inclusion by Embracing Difference

Series: HPC Best Practices Webinars

Computational science and engineering (CSE) is an inter- and multidisciplinary field. Given the technical breadth of CSE, one might expect CSE communities to include a broad range of demographics, creating an ideal ecosystem for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). However, while research indicates that social diversity results in greater innovation, the CSE workforce remains largely homogeneous. This interactive webinar will explore what it takes to achieve DEI, how DEI could increase innovation and developer productivity, as well as how cultivating respect and embracing difference could help to make inclusion the norm. The session will also include important activities for applying the concepts discussed, deepening understanding, and increasing potential impact.

This webinar is co-organized with the ECP’s newly established HPC Workforce Development and Retention Action Group, which organizes a webinar series on topics related to developing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work culture in the computing sciences.

Note that this webinar is scheduled for 90 minutes (1:00pm-2:30pm EDT) rather than the usual 60 minutes.


Presenter Bio

Mary Ann Leung is the founder and President of Sustainable Horizons Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing the computational science and engineering workforce and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her research interests span computational quantum mechanics, quantum computing, high performance computing, workforce development, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Leung serves as an Editor for the Computing in Science and Engineering (CiSE) Magazine Diversity and Inclusion department. She performs a variety of community activities including serving on the study committee for the Congressionally mandated National Academies Assessment of the NASA University Leadership Initiative. Dr. Leung holds B.A., M.S. and PhD. degrees in Computational Physical Chemistry.