BSSw Tutorials

The Better Scientific Software (BSSw) tutorials focus on issues of developer productivity, software sustainability, and reproducibility in scientific research software, particularly targeting high-performance computers.

We first presented a version of this tutorial in 2016, and since then we have been working continually to refine and expand it. We present it most often as part of conferences, but we are open to a wide range of venues, both in person (circumstances permitting) and online. Contact us for more information.

Who should attend

Our tutorials can benefit people at any stage of their career, whether they are students, post-docs, or established practitioners. While the level of the content skews strongly towards beginner and intermediate levels, we have found that many established software developers may not be familiar with all of the ideas we present and appreciate learning about them. Managers of scientific software developers may find benefit in better understanding the experiences of their staff, and approaches to facilitate producing “better scientific software”.

Schedule and format

Most tutorials take place as part of larger events, such as conferences. They vary in length from a couple of hours to a full day or longer, with topics and the level of detail chosen to suit the venue and fit the schedule. Our tutorials are mostly lecture-style. If time permits there may also be hands-on exercises.


Most events require advance registration with the hosting venue and may require fee.


The IDEAS tutorial team

David Bernholdt (ORNL)

Anshu Dubey (ANL)

Patricia Grubel (LANL)

Rinku Gupta (ANL)

Mike Heroux (SNL)

Mark Miller (LLNL)

David Rogers (ORNL)

Greg Watson (ORNL)

Jim Willenbring (SNL)

Upcoming Events

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