CSE Collaboration through Software: Improving Productivity and Sustainability tutorial

Series: BSSw Tutorials Part of: SIAM Computational Science and Engineering 2017

CSE software—crosscutting technology that connects advances in mathematics, computer science, and domain-specific science and engineering—is a foundation of sustained CSE collaboration and scientific progress. However, the need for increasingly broad functionality on ever more complex computer architectures creates daunting challenges for software development and sustainability.

This tutorial will provide information on best practices in software engineering explicitly tailored for CSE. Goals are improving the productivity of those who develop CSE software and increasing the sustainability of software artifacts. We will discuss practices that are relevant for projects of all sizes, with emphasis on small teams (for example, a faculty member and collaborating students).

Materials for interactive exercises will be provided via Git. We encourage participants to first install Git on their own laptops and create a free account on GitHub (see https://github.com/).

Part 1:

Part 2: