Containers in HPC

Series: HPC Best Practices Webinars

Containers have gained adoption in the HPC and scientific computing space through specialized runtimes like Shifter, Singularity and Charliecloud. Containers enable reproducible, shareable, portable execution of applications. In this webinar, we will give a brief introduction on how to build images and run containers on HPC systems. We will also discuss some best practices to ensure containers can take full advantage of HPC systems.


Presenter Bio

Shane Canon is a Senior Engineer at Lawrence Berkeley Lab where he works in the NERSC Supercomputing Facility. Over Shane’s 20 year career, he has focused on enabling scientists to conduct breakthrough science using large-scale systems including some of the fastest computers and storage systems in the world. Most recently Shane has focused on enabling data-intensive computing and container computing on Supercomputing systems. Shane is also a senior member of the DOE KnowledgeBase (KBase) project which is building a platform to conduct biological research that can easily be shared and reproduced.