The IDEAS-Classic team includes members from seven national laboratories, one university, and five DOE computing facilities


Our efforts are organized into four focus areas:

Methodologies for Software Productivity

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Adapt software engineering practices for extreme-scale science, with emphasis on workflows, lifecycles, and goals/questions/metrics.

Michael Heroux (SNL)

Focus Area Lead

Ross Bartlett (ORNL)

Mark Berrill (ORNL)

Todd Gamblin (LLNL)

Computing Facility Liaison

Osni Marques (LBNL)

Pat McCormick (LANL)

Nicholas Moss (LANL)

Andrew Salinger (SNL)

Computing Facility Liaison

Jason Sarich (ANL)

Dali Wang (ORNL)

Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Development Kit

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Improve interoperability and compatibility across xSDK libraries; address performance portability on new and emerging architectures; develop and extract scientific domain components, including coupling functionality for multiphysics, multiscale models.

Lois Curfman McInnes (ANL)

Focus Area Lead

Alicia Klinvex (SNL)

Sherry Li (LBNL)

Vijay Mahadevan (ANL)

Daniel Osei-Kuffuor (LLNL)

Barry Smith (ANL)

Mathew Thomas (PNNL)

James Willenbring (SNL)

Ulrike Yang (LLNL)

Use Cases for Terrestrial Modeling

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Motivate and validate productivity advancements in terrestrial modeling use cases.

J. David Moulton (LANL)

Focus Area Lead

Tim Scheibe (PNNL)

Carl Steefel (LBNL)

Glenn Hammond (SNL)

Reed Maxwell (CSM)

Scott Painter (ORNL)

Laura Condon (CSM)

Ethan Coon (LANL)

Dipankar Dwivedi (LANL)

Jeff Johnson (LBNL)

Erica Woodburn (LBNL)

Carol Woodward (LLNL)

Xiaofan Yang (PNNL)

Outreach and Community

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Promote scientific software productivity practices and begin to build a community.

David Bernholdt (ORNL)

Focus Area Lead

Rebecca Hartman-Baker (NERSC)

Lisa Childers (ALCF)

Computing Facility Liaison

Judy Hill (OLCF)

Computing Facility Liaison

Bill Spotz (SNL)

Computing Facility Liaison


Ensure communication and connections among all focus areas and the broader DOE community.

Hans Johansen (LBNL)

Crosscut Lead


Katie Antypas (LBNL)

Jed Brown (ANL)

Irina Demeshko (SNL)

Christos Kartsakalis (ORNL)

Kerstin Kleese-Van Dam (PNNL)

Sri Hari Krishna Narayanan (ANL)