Birds-of-a-Feather Session

Software Engineering and Reuse in Modeling, Simulation, and Data Analytics for Science and Engineering

Series: Technical Sessions and Meetings Part of: ISC19

Software engineering (SWE) for computational science and engineering (CSE) is challenging, with ever-more sophisticated and higher fidelity simulations of ever-larger and more complex problems involving larger data volumes, more domains, and more researchers. Targeting both commodity and custom high-end computers and the recent rise in accelerators multiplies these challenges. We invest a great deal in creating these codes, but rarely talk about that experience; we just focus on the results.

Further, the digitalization of the whole scientific process increases the attention others may give to the CSE software we produce. Transparency and reproducibility of research puts software front and center, along with concerns about its quality and longevity. With software as an increasingly important output from scientific research, there are also concerns about how to give appropriate credit in publications and for professional advancement.

Our goal is to raise awareness of SWE for CSE on supercomputers as a major challenge, and to develop an international “community of practice” to continue these important discussions outside of workshops and other “traditional” venues.

This BoF provides an opportunity for people concerned about this topic to share existing activities, discuss how we can expand and improve on them, and share the results. Presentations and discussion notes will be made available to the community at the BoF series website,