Software Management Plans in Research Projects

Series: HPC Best Practices Webinars

Software is a necessary by-product of research. Software in this context can range from small shell scripts to complex and layered software ecosystems. Dealing with software as a first class citizen at the time of grant formulation is aided by the development of a Software Management Plan (SMP). An SMP can help to formalize a set of structures and goals that ensure your software is accessible and reusable in the short, medium and long term. SMP’s aim at becoming for software what Data Management Plans (DMP’s) have become for research data (DMP’s are mandatory for National Science Foundation grants). This webinar takes you through the questions you should consider when developing a Software Management Plan, how to manage the implementation of the plan, and some of the current motivation driving discussion in this area of research management.


Presenter Bio

Shoaib Sufi leads the Software Sustainability Institute’s community engagement activities and strategies. Graduating in Computer Science from the University of Manchester in 1997, he has worked in the commercial sector as a systems programmer and then as a software developer, metadata architect and eventually a project manager at the Science and Facilities Technologies Council (STFC). Shoaib has specific interest in building, managing and sustaining high-performance teams, distributed agile project management and the promotion of technical best practice in software products for use in research. He is a project manager by practice and training (holding a PMI PMP), and also serves in this capacity with the eScience Lab at the University of Manchester. His work at the Institute includes coordinating its Fellowship Programme, a network of researchers who act as ambassadors of better research software practice to their domains and organisations by organising workshops related to research software and attending relevant workshops and conferences in their areas of work. Shoaib also leads the Institute’s annual Collaborations Workshop(CW) which brings together researchers, developers, funders, managers and more to explore hot topics in research software all within an engaging unconference inspired format.