Parallel I/O with HDF5: Overview, Tuning, and New Features

Series: HPC Best Practices Webinars

HDF5 is a data model, file format, and I/O library that has become a de facto standard for HPC applications to achieve scalable I/O and for storing and managing big data from computer modeling, large physics experiments and observations. This webinar will give an introduction to using the HDF5 library, with a focus on parallel I/O and performance tuning options. The webinar will also provide an overview of the latest performance and productivity enhancement features being developed as part of the DOE’s Exascale Computing Project (ECP) ExaHDF5 effort, and will present optimizations used in improving I/O performance of ECP applications.


Presenter Bio

Quincey Koziol is a Principal Data Architect in the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is responsible for helping to build the software infrastructure that is needed to enable scientists to process, analyze, manage and share data at the highest scales.