On-demand Learning for Better Scientific Software: How to Use Resources & Technology to Optimize your Productivity

Series: HPC Best Practices Webinars

Continual advances in new technologies for computational science often require members of the HPC community to learn new tools, techniques, or processes on-demand, or outside of a formal education setting. While the variety of media and deluge of content make on-demand learning a reality, very few learners apply guiding principles from learning science to set themselves up for success. Applying on-demand learning strategies for self-paced “learning in the wild” can augment professional learning courses from EdX, Udacity, and YouTube. Employing use cases and examples from Python and Git, this webinar will demonstrate how to develop a personalized learning framework leveraging massively open online courses (MOOC), podcasts, social media, videos, and more. A walk through of relevant learning applications will be provided. Participants of this webinar will take away practical strategies, resources, and tools that can be applied toward learning more productively in general, and specifically to software development.


Presenter Bio

Elaine Raybourn is a Principal Member of the Technical Staff in Applied Cognitive Science at Sandia National Laboratories. Her research focuses on transmedia learning and immersive simulations. As a European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) Fellow, she worked with software teams at Fraunhofer FIT in Germany, the French National Institute for Computer Science (INRIA), and BT Global Research and Development. She holds a PhD in Intercultural Communication with an emphasis in Human Computer Interaction from the University of New Mexico and a Graduate Certificate in Modeling & Simulation of Behavioral Cybersecurity from the University of Central Florida. Elaine is a member of IDEAS-ECP.