The IDEAS-Watersheds project (co-)organizes a variety of workshops and trainings, and presents at events of interest to the community.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

  • Advanced Short Course:  Integrated Simulation of Watershed Systems Using ParFlow [L. Condon, N. Engdahl, R. Maxwell]

    • October 3-4, 2019  (registration deadline August 31)
    • University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
    • Learn to build complex watershed domains, profiling and development
  • ModFlow & More, June 2019, Golden, CO

    • Plenary Talks (IDEAS & Related)
      • Erica Siirila-Woodburn (former IDEAS team member and LBNL SFA collaborator)
        Using integrated hydrologic models to understand the impacts of climate extremes on watershed hydrodynamics
      • Laura Condon (Co-lead of CONUS Research Activities)
        Using integrated models to evaluate the role of groundwater in watershed partitioning across the continental US
      • Xingyuan Chen (Lead of River Corridor Research Activities – PNNL)
        A Bayesian network based sensitivity analysis for complex biogeochemical models
    • IDEAS: Software Development and Interoperability – POSTERS
      • Jun Zhang (UA): Evaluating the impact of topographic processing on overland flow simulations across the continental US
      • Andrew Leaf, A python package for rapidly creating MODFLOW inset models
      • Pamela Weisenhorn (ANL): Integrating biological processes into reactive transport models with DOE’s Systems Biology Knowledgebase (KBase)
      • Hoang Tran (CSM): Assessing the effect of lateral fluxes to flood risk in the Upper Colorado River Basin
    • IDEAS: Software Development and Interoperability
      • David Moulton (LANL): IDEAS-Watersheds: Accelerating watershed science through a community-driven software ecosystem
      • Sergi Molins, Alquimia (LBNL): an application programming interface for geochemical codes – Development and application
      • Hyun-Seob Song (PNNL): Microbial Metabolic Network and Multi-omics Integration for Biogeochemical and Reactive Transport Modeling
      • Kewei Chen (PNNL):  Using Ensemble Data Assimilation to Estimate Transient Hydrologic Exchange Fluxes under Highly Dynamic Flow Conditions
      • Scott Painter (ORNL): Managing complexity in multiscale hydrology simulations: Three examples using the Advanced Terrestrial Simulator
    • Advances in Integrated Hydrologic Modeling
      • Ilhan Ozgen (LBNL):  Meshing workflows for multiscale hydrological simulation