IDEAS-Watersheds Team

IDEAS-Watersheds brings together efforts across multiple labs and universities.  The matrixed organizational structure connects the Research Activities to ensure effective integration across teams.



Leadership Team

David Moulton J. David Moulton, Project PI
(Shared Infrastructure Activities Lead, Training/Community Building/Outreach Lead)
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Hai Ah Nam Hai Ah Nam, Project Coordinator
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Steve Smith Steve Smith, Software Lead
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Sergi Molins Sergi Molins, Reaction Networks Cornerstone Co-Lead
(Watershed Function SFA Partnership Lead, Fine-Scale Partnership Activity Lead)
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Scott Painter Scott Painter, Watershed Hydrobiogeochemistry Cornerstone Lead
(Critical Interfaces SFA Partnership Lead)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Xingyuan Chen Xingyuan Chen, Reaction Networks Cornerstone Co-Lead
(River Corridor SFA Partnership Lead)
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Reed Maxwell Reed Maxwell, Continental Hydrology Cornerstone Co-Lead
(CONUS Activity Co-Lead)
Colorado School of Mines
Laura Condon Laura Condon, Continental Hydrology Cornerstone Co-Lead
(CONUS Activity Co-Lead)
University of Arizona
Dave Gochis Dave Gochis, CONUS Activity Co-Lead
National Center for Atmospheric Research