“How To” Documents

Below are links to short “How To” and “What Is/Are” documents (and supporting material) on a variety of subjects.  These documents will be refined over time and more topics will be addressed.



Software Configuration: making your software easy to install

Performance Portability:



Software Libraries:

 Version Control:

Upcoming “How To” Topics:

The IDEAS team are working on drafts of the following topics … check back for updates:

  • Refactoring tools and approaches. Summary of processes and tools that best support different refactoring goals, such as porting, testing, and performance on HPC architectures.
  • Best practices for using interoperable libraries. What should be expected from interoperable xSDK libraries, and what steps should science teams take to use them effectively on HPC architectures?  The document above provides an introduction to these issues; more detailed information is under development.
  • Designing for performance portability. Good science application design is critical to achieve performance portability and good scaling across different HPC architectures, and using xSDK libraries in specific ways can help.  The documents above provide basic concepts about performance portability; more detailed information is under development.

Please contact us if you have a well-documented approach or experience to share.